My perspective of technology, learning and teaching has dramatically changed through out the program; however, during the course of the Instructional Design and Technology program at USF, I was fortunate enough to have had varying experiences such as that of an Instructional Designer consultant and User Experience/User Interface consultant.
These experiences have allowed me to gain further insight and application as an Instructional Designer, UX/UI Designer, and Elementary teacher, while studying to grow my professional and pedagogical practices. The courses provided me a better understanding of the realistic expectations pressed upon Instructional Designers and Technologists.

While creating this ePortfolio I was able to reflect on the vast amount of knowledge gained through each course; appreciate the time and efforts dedicated to coursework while working multiple jobs; and compare the improvements in my quality of work from Fall 2017 to Spring 2019. This has been an arduous and rewarding journey that I know has prepared me for an amazing career transition, not away from education but rather in education through a different lens.

“Without deep reflection one knows from daily life that one exists for other people.” -Albert Einstein

In order to improve the E-Portfolio experience for another graduate student, I would front load from orientation through out the learners courses the constant reminder of composing and collecting artifacts. Having not seen examples of completed portfolios until nearly the end of the program, I felt that I could have better organized my evidence into standard category folders as the assignments were completed, as well as built out the artifact’s theme, color scheme, and intractability more easily through out the program opposed to piecing it together prior to graduation.

My next steps are to continue my growth as an innovative leader; explore varying job opportunities in hopes of finding an ideal position with a company who values my diverse background experience; and maintain growth in my learning network as I collaborate with others who may have more experience and innovating ideas for teaching and learning.