Instructional Design

Client: MassiveU, Instructional Design Contract

What can I say- I am an animated presenter! During my six month contract I gained experience in storyboarding, script writing, and “acting” to feature in my very own Instructor Guide Videos. To claim I had fun is an understatement.

Articulate 360: eLearning Modules

Cyber Threats

This eLearning Module was created during the interview process with a cyber security company. In doing so, I researched and created a game-based eLearning module. To provide a theoretically sound learning experience I included the situated cognition theory, activity theory, constructive learning theory, and Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning.

Game play: Learners will assume a first person role within this self-directed simulation. Learners are driving the depths of content with which they wish to explore in two levels of the game before being assessed through simulated scenarios. At the end of the course, learners will earn a certificate and badge for the successful completion of the simulated tasks.

Measurement of Success: The typed responses will be reported back to the eLearning facilitator for review. Constructive feedback will be provided directly to the learner to conference about the reasoning behind their answer choices, remediation of information learned, or next steps towards enriching the content learned.

Storyline: eLearning Modules

Infographic Support Tools

Infographic support has been created for various scenarios such as conference materials, online blog imagery, onboarding job-aids, and curriculum enrichment.

HTML, Javascript, and CSS

Coding 2019

During the USF course, Web Design with Dr. James Hatten, students used FileZilla for the FTP protocol to upload content while creating original HTML and CSS pages for review. I utilized Adobe Dream Weaver in order to customize code to produce the following e-Portfolio containing course content.

Video Work: Multimedia Course Content