Video Work: Multimedia Course Content

Learnics, LLC New User Onboarding Tutorial

Learnics Tutorial in under 5 minutes!

Need some guidance getting started with the Learnics ThinkingApp? This tutorial will walk you through step by step to begin as an educator while also viewing the student perspective of launching the ThinkingApp!
These video tutorials were made while contracting with Learnics in order to show users how to download the tool and navigate the new teacher platform.

Research and create content about a chosen distance learning topic. I chose to research and highlight the advances and benefits of accessibility for distance learning.

While attending USF as a graduate student from August 2017 to May 2019 obtaining a Masters Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology I created various eLearning course content to support specified learning objectives. Professor: Dr. Sanghoon Park


During this project, I became the SME about Blended and Inquiry-based learning through research and leveraging my own professional experiences as a classroom instructor. Using Adobe Spark, I created a “page” with embedded videos to enrich the learners understanding of the content.

Legends of Learning Community Updates

These videos were created while contracting for Legends of Learning as a Social Media and Community Manager.

Teaching and Learning: Social Cues in Multimedia

Area 3 STEM Lead: OneNote Onboarding Tutorials

These video tutorials were made for a group of educators within my area of the school district. We utilized OneNote to organize information gathered from various teachers located in varying schools.

Professional Development: Subject Matter Expert (SME) Interview

Wonderful interview with Diana Rendina to prepare and share information through summer professional development to teachers and media specialists about Makerspaces!