(3) Job Aid- Interactive Guide to Getting Started with Learnics’ ThinkingApp

This resource came from the identified need for material which the user can easily access to “Get Started” with the Learnics’ ThinkingApp. There have currently been 41 views in two weeks since being published on the website.

(4) Job Aid- Student Support Material

(5) User Support Screencast Videos

To support the teacher users, narrated screencast videos were created and embedded in the “Getting Started” presentation featured above. To accommodate all learners, a visual with narrations along with printed text will leave the users feeling confident and supported.

Instructional Support Videos

(6) User Support Material-
Conference-based Flyer

Pete&C User Conference Flyer

During the 2019 Pete&C conference in Pennsylvania, Co-Founders Dr. Greg Cottrell and Dr. Doug Lare shared the Learnics brand at their booth by providing demos and tutorials, as well as reading content which I carefully crafted in Microsoft Word.

(7) Product Introduction Video
On 3/31/19 This product introduction video was completed from storyboarding, collaborating creative ideas with the team, to publishing. This video is intended to be the “quick intro” to the Learnics brand and ThinkingApp purpose. The video will be hosted on the homepage at, played without audio

(8) Learnics Onboarding Tutorial in under 5 minutes